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                                                                                                           Douglas "Dougal" W.  Sanders, Jr.

Our 16'th Judicial District Judges are all stretched thin right now and having to pull extra duty as a result of Latimer County Associate District Judge Bill Welch's retirement on August 1, 2021.  All of the LeFlore County Judges, Sullivan, Fry, McBee and McLaughlin along with Judge Henderson in Haskell County are taking turns, rotating over in Latimer County to help take care of those Cases until the Governor selects a new Judge for Latimer County.  The Governor has 3 names to select from and will hopefully make a  selection pretty quick.  Obviously, the LeFlore County and Haskell County cases are getting stretched out farther than usual and that will be the case until a replacement for Judge Welch is selected by the Governor.  The Judicial shortage in Latimer County, coupled with the COVID pandemic complications have all created a strain on our Court system, despite all of our local Judiciary pulling extra duty and  working together to do their very best to keep the cases moving. Our Judiciary is to be complimented for their extra service to the Court system during these trying times.       

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